April 3, 2012

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Welcome to the latest version of Students all across campus from all majors have joined us to make an all new student run television studio. This new site alows students to upload there work directly to us so we can get tons of student made projects. Come visit us (we meet every wednesday at 10 in CCN basement) or submit your work and get your stuff on the air for the whole campus to see! Check out our student built and made programs and watch them on your tv or live stream from the View Live page.

PTV or Purchase Television is an on campus television station that airs on Channel 69. Our network is entirely run by students, and its creators hold rights to any brain washing that may or may not occur while watching. Take a look at what shows we have here on our website then tune in on any TV on campus! Think you want to submit any video clips or want time on the air, send us something! Show up to one of our meetings (Wednesdays at 10pm) where all are welcome! We are located in the basement of Campus Center North, below the Hub. PTV! Where we don't just brain wash you, we eat your souls as well!!!!

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